Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/5 Vintage Glamour at Western Justice Center

"The Western Justice Center at the Maxwell House is a 1929 jewel in the crown." What a perfect place for a perfect couple. Heather and William's wedding was filled with vintage glamour and so much emotion that even I cried. It happens from time to time when I'm shooting. I keep going of course! Perhaps it was how William lost it when Heather appeared at the aisle. Or maybe their tearful vows. It was wonderful.

Details included personalized napkins with their recurring owl motif, wind up owls at the tables, and a pair of owls nested at the top of their cake. They had a live band performing standards and accompanied Heather down the aisle with their beautiful music. Cajun food was provided by the excellent Larkin's in Eagle Rock. (Everyone should try Larkin's! home made mac and cheese- need I say more?)

This intimate wedding was exactly what Heather had been hoping for. Great friends, beautiful weather, good music and food, and her handsome new husband William by her side.

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