Monday, September 29, 2008

Lauren and Martin's Engagement Shoot

Sunday 9/28 I met Lauren and Martin downtown for an engagement shoot. We started off very early at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It was a little worrisome- the previous week there was filming there when we tried to shoot with their two dogs, this week they were setting up for a street fair. But it all worked out and the light was so perfect at that time of morning. We had fun fooling around there and getting everyone relaxed. I got to know them better and they got to know my silly shooting self. It's hard to be funny first thing in the morning, but once I got going everything fell into place.

Next we headed down to Union Station starting outside the Fred Harvey Room. During our initial meeting they had been considering having the wedding there so we went down to check it out at that time. While they didn't book it for the wedding, we decided it would be cool to do a shoot there. (I also considered it for my own wedding.) Lauren, Martin, and I all love historical buildings/architecture so we discussed that while roaming around. The photos from this location are my favorite of the day.

Lauren and Martin had wanted to include their 2 German shepherd mix dogs at Walt Disney Concert Hall, which we tried to do the previous week. Unfortunately that was impossible with the filming. It can be frustrating when planning ideas don't pan out, however the best thing to do in terms of your wedding/engagement photography is be flexible and accept the unexpected. Have fun with your partner and your photographer and that will yield the best results.

I'm looking forward to Lauren and Martin's wedding this November at the Bel Air Bay Club. It will be filled with lots of fun, style, love and beer!

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